Muhself Tuesday, Jan 22 2013 


I’m Diana, I was born and raised in Gulfport, MS since 1992. I’ll be 21 this year! (Woot woot) What you’ll be seeing from me is a lot of pictures, cats, recipes, complaining, profanity, cats, clothes, hauls, food, cats, travel pictures (when I get the chance), lame jokes, and other random stuff. There’s really no set theme to this blog, just being myself since some “friends” on Facebook don’t believe anyone but themselves should have an opinion. So, you’ll be seeing a lot of opinionated rants as well! Love, cats, and cupcakes!(fuck yeah)

Our room Sunday, Jan 26 2014 

Our room

Light bulb lamp

World Market lighting


Grey bedding

Usa flag picture

Black and white wall art
$110 –

Black dresser

Accent table
$18 –

Delilah’s room Wednesday, Jan 22 2014 

Delilah's room

Heathfield Co drum shade
$445 –

Blue glass lamp

Calvin klein area rug

Circo rug

Monogrammed ice bucket

DOMESTIC quote wall art
$83 –

Graham Brown butterfly picture
$26 –

Cherry blossom mural
$24 –

Vilac Teeth Box

Bud Deluxe princess duck
$16 –

Bedroom Tuesday, Jan 21 2014 


Owl lamp

OKA jute rug
$630 –

Gray rug

Skull throw pillow
$155 –

Wood wall art
$97 –

Accent table
$18 –

Travel room Tuesday, Jan 21 2014 

Travel room

Stick lamp

Bronze floor lamp

Ethan Allen woven rug

Cashmere throw

Denby stoneware mug

Collage frame

Map home decor

Julia Knight handmade home decor
$190 –

Piedmont Globe

Roman numeral clock

Quilted throw pillow

Linea home decor
$66 –

Burlap home decor

Faux plant

3 pc sectional

Forever New tan purse
$31 –

Bedroom 2 Thursday, Jan 31 2013 

Bedroom 2

Bedroom Thursday, Jan 31 2013 


You know what bothers me? Thursday, Jan 24 2013 

You know what bothers me?

This. Doppelganger. On the left is my future husband (Justin) and on the right is that one kid from One Direction (Louie…Louis?)… These were the best picture I had to use as an example, but they could almost be twins they look so similar. It’s ridiculous, and mildly annoying. My little sisters and their friends LOVE One Direction. I don’t.
…..We’ve been trying to find a way to contact his famous British counter-part just in case Louie needs a stunt double or something.

Cruise Dress Thursday, Jan 24 2013 

Cruise Dress

This a dress I wore on a cruise I went on in November. It looked awesome on me, for once, and I finally had an appropriate occasion to wear it!

Greatest advice Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 

Watch Duck Dynasty. The episode are hilarious no matter how many times you watch them, and there’s always a great lesson to be learned in every episode. More men need to learn how to be like Phil Robinson, he treats his lady right!

mint condition Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 

mint condition

TLC Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 


I have no idea what’s been going on with TLC, “The Learning Channel”, over the past few years, but seriously? Are they in a competition with MTV and VH1 to produce THE absolute stupidest reality shows on TV? What happened to the learning aspect? Needless to say, this is my general reaction to whatever new reality show TLC has been promoting lately, namely the Gypsy show and Honey Boo Boo.

“Education is t… Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.”

Made a Tumblr Wednesday, Jan 23 2013 

Made a Tumblr

If you have one, feel free to follow! I have no one on there so right now it’s pretty pointless =/

Every single time… Tuesday, Jan 22 2013 

Every single time...

….I watch Pretty Little Liars, this is my reaction. Oh my gahhhh!!!! What is going oooon I don’t even

Spot Tuesday, Jan 22 2013 


This is my cat Spot, he’s 17 years old. He still lives at my parent’s house, so I don’t get to see him as often as I should. He is really mellow, and loves to give people head bops and knead their stomachs. He also likes to meow constantly and steal food right from under your face! He’s one of the few cats I know who will go outside on a harness and not freak out about everythiiiiiing. What a brat though, he’s lucky I love him.